5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android (Free)

Everyone knows that how much sleep is important for health and that could set your health and also can ruin your health. Nowadays many health issues are occurring due to not taking proper sleep. Many health issues are due to people not getting proper sleep. And it is recommended that humans have to take 8 hours of sleep to diagnose different health issues.

Taking proper rest can make you healthier, active. And our technology is going so fast so android app developers have also made some apps to make your sleep better. And these amazing apps are just for android for free.

So just download one of them and make your sleep better so that you can make your life better. So let’s get started. You need the best tone for alarm download Free tone app.

Best Sleep Tracking Apps For Android

Here is a list of 5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android (Free) that will help you make your sleep better. Just get one of them and go to the google play store, get this app for free.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm clock xtreme is one of the top best apps that is also known as the smart alarm. And that also arouses lots of advanced features. That is free sleep tracking. This smart alarming app will change the sleep habit and also can improve it.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Many apps of the alarm clock are not easily understandable but this app is totally understandable. And that is also the simplest alarm clock tracking app. For the user, the navigation will be easy and you can easily find everything by itself. For the user, the navigation will also be very easy and accessible. You can detect voices, vibrations and for itself that is enough for an alarm.

Runtastic Sleep Better

This app is very detailed, and literally also simple. And in this app, you have to bear the ads and sometimes you feel so annoying but maybe you can bear for this amazing app. You will get a lot of features in one app and also can enjoy it. And if you oversleep then it will wake you, remind you. And one more important thing it can include your alcohol intake and sugar intake.

Sleep as Android

Over Sleep is the open invitation to diseases and sleep as an android is the best way to remind you that you should not sleep too much and it comes first on our list because that is a smart alarm. In a short period, it becomes more popular. You can get it from the google play store app.

And it promises to make your sleep better. If your sleep cycle is good then at the end of the day you will get your sleep graph. And an interesting thing it will also detect your talk during sleep and also snoring. And this feature you could not use free but for 14 days. After that, if you want this feature then you have to charge a small fee.


That is the last but not the least app for the alarm and setting your sleep routine. Sleepbot smart alarm has specially designed to make your wake up routine and also record your sleep. You can set multiple alarms that are a nice feature. And another best feature is the auto silence and aeroplane mode.  

Sum Up

If you are on this site then surely you are searching for the best tracking app for your android. And I hope you have decided to download one of the above amazing apps. So use this app to reduce sleep and also recommend to your loved ones this article, 5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android (Free). Some ringtone are really bored you and the morning time all people feeling lazy they don’t want to listen the bad voice. For best ringtone download zedge free apk.

Are you in search of an app that can make your sleep better? So here is a solution you will get in this article 5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android (Free). Just click this link for full information.

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