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Dude Theft Wars Mod APK
Dude Theft Wars Mod APK

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK – Technical Details

App NameDude theft wars
Download size213MB
CategoryActions, Games
Requirements5.0 and up
DeveloperPoxel Studios
Update2 Days ago

BETA MOD resources are available for Dude Theft Wars mod APK, an open-world sandbox simulator that offers crazy action for true maniacs. With an open pixel world and unlimited action, you can live life to the fullest in this game. You have the choice to either be a good citizen and prosecute offenders, or side with the criminals and become a true gangster boy.

You will have access to a range of weapons and the ability to damage vehicles and use various grenades for your pleasure. Additionally, you can enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding areas, visit shops, and discover new locations.

Before Jack realized that life in Dude-o-polis could be a lot more interesting, he used to live a normal life. Now, you can freely roam around town in any car you desire, drifting through cities, parks, and fields in a 3D city full of bliss. You can buy any weapon you want with cash and become a Gangstar, tease, annoy, or even slap other dudes, and much more.

You can troll people with explosives and watch them “RUN,” visit beautiful buildings or simply sit on your phone all day.

Dude Theft Wars Download

Dude Theft Wars’ new update features over a dozen different vehicles, including motorcycles and cars, that players can drive. While starting without any weapons, players can purchase handguns, machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and other firearms by earning money.

This app has quickly gone viral due to its popular features and user-friendly interface, making it the best in the film industry.

Dude Theft Wars APK is a wacky and humorous sandbox game that stands out in many ways. Players can witness police officers dancing to funky music in certain parts of the map, explore the game developers’ offices, and much more.

The game is entertaining on all levels. Players can steal a car drive recklessly, ride a Ferris wheel, and much more. The controls in the Dude Theft Wars Mod App are responsive and intuitive for touchscreens, with a virtual d-pad on the left side of the keyboard and camera rolls on the right. Players can use different objects to strike, turn arms, jump, and interact with.

Dude Theft Wars is a sandbox game with an open world, life simulation, and a great dude simulator. The main objective is to enjoy the beautiful city and everything it has to offer. Players are free to do whatever they want, such as exploring the city in a shopping cart, shooting garbage on a sunny day, greeting neighbors, breaking into buildings to steal cash, or joining a mafia gang to go on heists and spend money on guns or sports cars. Alternatively, players can shoot other dudes with crazy weapons and start a wrestling match to form a gangster squad and become the best pirate gang.

Dude Theft Wars Mod

“Dude Theft Wars: Open World Sandbox Simulator BETA (MOD Money)” is a mobile simulation game with polygonal graphics and shooter elements. Players are presented with a virtual metropolis where they can indulge in various activities. However, their actions come with consequences.

In this game, players can rob houses, battle cops, collect guns, and engage in crafting. The application is a nod to the Grand Theft Auto genre, making it an exciting game to play. To enjoy all the game’s features, players must download the wearables. They can steal vehicles and sell them to powerful gangsters who can aid in their ascent.

Players can either follow the game’s plot or create their world. As they progress, they will gain the respect of other gang members, leading to new opportunities. The game’s wide range of tools and crafting options makes it engaging and exclusive.

Jack’s life was once typical until he discovered the exciting world of Dude-o-polis. Players can free roam around the city in any car they like and drift through towns, parks, and fields in a 3D metropolis full of bliss. They can purchase any firearm they desire and become a gangster. Players can tease, harass, or slap other characters, troll people with grenades, and explore lovely houses or spend their day slacking off.

But, all that can be done in a man’s wonderful society. You can either live an ordinary dude’s life or do weird things like annoy other dudes, battle other dude’s theft war, blow bombs, drive a car and observe foolish ragdolls fly around, have a dance party with the necessary dudes, and so on – it’s all up to your imagination.

What is Dude Theft Wars?

Jack led a contented life until he discovered that Dude-o-polis had much more to offer. In Dude Theft Wars, you can freely traverse the city in any car, drifting your way through towns, parks, and fields in a 3D metropolis brimming with delight. You can purchase any weapon with cash and become a gangster, teasing, harassing, or slapping other dudes. You can also troll people with grenades and watch them flee, explore stunning buildings, or spend your time idly browsing your smartphone.

Dude Theft Wars is an open-world sandbox game that simulates life and offers a great Dude Simulator. The goal on a sunny day is to appreciate the beauty of the city and everything it has to offer. You are at liberty to do whatever you desire.

How to download the Dude Theft Wars Mod APK?

Dude Theft Wars: Open World Sandbox Simulator BETA (MOD Money) is a polygonal graphics mobile simulation game that incorporates shooter elements. It presents players with a virtual metropolis where they can engage in various activities. However, these actions have consequences.

In this game, players can rob houses, engage in battles with cops, collect guns, make crafts, and much more. As you may know, the game is modeled after the Grand Theft Auto series, which makes it quite fascinating.

To gain full access to all of the game’s features, players can download the wearables. By stealing and selling vehicles to thugs, players can gain recognition from powerful gangsters. The player can either follow the plot or create their world, with the respect of other gangsters opening the door to new opportunities.

With numerous game tools and crafting choices, the game is highly engaging and exclusive. Players can drive more than a dozen different vehicles, including motorcycles and cars. Though players start without any weapons, they can buy handguns, machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and other firearms. However, money needs to be raised to make these purchases.

This app is the best in the film industry and has quickly gone viral since its release due to its popular features and user-friendly interface. Dude Theft Wars APK is a wild, crazy, and hilarious ‘sandbox’ that stands out in many ways, particularly because it’s so funny. Law enforcement officers dancing to funky music and the game developers’ offices are some of the things that players will encounter in different parts of the map. It’s an all-around fun game.

Dude Theft Wars Mod APK Features

  • Experience all of the motion in the First Particular person in this open-world sandbox game.
  • Purchase Crazy Firearms such as the AK47, SMG, Handgun, Handguns, or use your hand to SLAP People at an Arms Shop.
  • Drive a range of alternative vehicles, including a RAMP CAR, a MONSTER TRUCK, and RC Buses. Alien UFOs, SKATEBOARD, DragSter, QuadCars, Karts, or simply a SHOPPING CART drive around the area.
  • Interesting and fun AI and a wide variety of characters with ragdoll effects.
  • Perform spectacular stunts with ragdolls and Cars that are as much fun to watch excel as they are to watch fail miserably.
  • Use your smartphone to order Model New Vehicles from Gerber.
  • Discover beautiful cities and structures, as well as mysteries, techniques, and easter eggs.
  • Perform camera pack stunts in a slow, steady motion.
  • Troll people with explosives and wait for them to “RUN.”
  • The freedom to freely travel through the game world;
  • There are various crafting tools available;
  • Numerous missions; hundreds of characters; numerous skirmishes and started chasing


In this section, we will guide you on how to purchase and run the APK on any App device. As it is an unfamiliar file, downloading it on devices can be challenging. Therefore, the first step is to activate it in the system command section. Follow these steps to confirm the unknown source.

You can find the Unknown Sources option under Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Enable the installation of the Dude Theft Wars APK Mod at a significant speed from the Unknown Source.

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