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Tahu Bulat Apk

Tahu Bulat Mod APK – Technical Information

App NameTahu Bulat Mod APK
Mod infoUnlimited Coins
DevelopersOwn Games
Download size36 MB
Update2 Days ago

For people who like to play simulations rather than any other game, this is an excellent game. This is one of the famous games available on mobile devices for simulation. What’s incredible is that it’s available on the Google Play Store for free download.

With loads of awesome features, the Tahu Bulat game is a fun Indonesian game. Rest assured that when you play the game, you will always find nothing new and interesting. This game will jog someone’s memory of so many wonderful things, like the song Noyil Savory Tahu Bulat Terbaru. What’s assured is that when you remember, this will leave you smiling.

By downloading this game, you can bring back old memories and fascinating moments. It should be remembered that it is indeed a Tofu game with a fresh look. Thanks to the beautiful features it now has, the most famous game is now better than it was before.

The mini-games and regular rewards include some of the stuff you’d enjoy in this fighting game. With Tahu Bulat versi baru, you can also render numerous amusing memes. Do you have what it takes to be the most popular seller of tofu around? To find out, download the game. Win distinct customers, and then become the owner of the largest tofu company.

Tahu Bulat Two Mod APK

Tahu Bulat 2 simulator promises to create a city for the player, which will be sold for tofu dishes. The game has the characteristics of city planning and cooking strategy. A small town with many items will have to be built by the user. The TV tower will give people the statistics; the Bank will store the revenue to ensure the tourists number is the intended shopping center. But the main topic will be a small tofu processing plant. It was his sales that influenced the budget of the city and the growth of the business.

Tahu Bulat 2 is an exciting production of a game in which the player is involved in building the city. A dish like tofu will be on sale in this region. The features of culinary philosophy and urban simulation are present in this project. You’re going to have to create a small town, where there will be some things.

We need to build a train station for visitors to visit. You will need to build a TV tower and a bank as well. A plant where tofu is made will be the main object in the town. The entire city’s budget will depend on the success of this product’s sales.

Own Games, Tahu Bulat cembalo lagi dinging pengembang game, sequel dari game, Tahu Bulat: Tahu Bulat 2! Kota Tahu Bulat-mu senders! Ranking dan bangunlah Stadium Karta untuk mendatangkan turis! Dirking bangunan-bangunan unique unstuck mambas kota-mu seaming maul:- Paprika Tahu untuk maraca dam menemukan resep-resep Tahu Bulat yang bar! – Bank untuk menampung penghasilan- Stadium TV did dales saran dam tips terabit- – Gerung pemasaran untie menemukan pemasaran terhebat strategy strategy! Engine datagram emboli lebih banyan dengan labia cepat? — Dan masih banyan gadding lanyard.. BorgWarner kuningnya terus menders unstuck mendatangkan pembeli, Gimping, tinge langsyne tap saga tombola speaker. Jungian lope mencapai unstuck Demam Tahu ya! XD

Care Cheat Game Tahu Bulat

Lately, this game is booming. In the number of downloads on the Google Play store, the Tahu Bulat Version also occupied the top spot in the top new free segment on the Google Play store. My greatest accomplishment was defeating the clash of clans game. The player will play as a tofu trader in this round of the tofu game to be a good tofu trader.

The price of round tofu can be increased by players so that they can easily get cash quickly. For upgrading exchange equipment, such as pans and others, the money earned can be used. In this fighting game, the way to collect money is straightforward, namely by pressing your Smartphone’s top screen and there will be a voice of around tofu trader, haha is very special, isn’t it, tasty – tasty you. In the relation below, Buddy can see it,

It turns out that there are tricks and ways to cheat the Round Tofu Game easily, the cash flows quickly, and you can use that cash to upgrade your trading equipment; this process does not even need the Tahu Bulat MOD APK. There is another way to find rooting your Smartphone difficult, namely using the Tahu Bulat MOD Apk, whose article you can see under.

But at your own risk, please mind. The second thing is the tofu game application; you can download the tofu game for free on the Google play store. Without having to click your Smartphone’s top screen, this round tofu game cheat will make you collect a lot of cash. After that, the Hiromacro application can be downloaded from the Google Play store to record and play the document on your Smartphone.

Tahu Bulat Unlimited Money

If your Android device is rooted, you can use the Tofu Round cheat method below. This cheat is applicable for the Tahu Bulat MOD APK and can help you accumulate money faster without having to continuously tap the screen.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Ensure that you’re using the latest update of the Tofu Game APK.
  2. Download the HiroMacro application and install it on your Android device as you normally would.
  3. Open the HiroMacro program and navigate to the Settings menu.
  4. Choose the ActionKey Macro menu, and then select the “Add” button on the screen.
  5. Tap “Start” to pick it, and the next step will begin when the floating button appears.
  6. Open the Tofu game and press the Macro button.
  7. Press the “Record” button. When the recording starts, all screen touches will be registered. You can then tap the screen rapidly within the Tahu Bulat game to earn a substantial amount of money. After completing the touch recording, press the Macro button to finish.

Here’s how to run the recorded sequence:

  1. Click on the Macro button, and select the recorded result. Set “Times of Change” to “Infinity,” “Interval” to “0Sec,” and “Speed” to “1.0x.”
  2. Once you’ve hit the “Play” button, the registered actions will be executed automatically. You can rapidly tap the screen within the Tahu Bulat game to amass a significant sum of money.
  3. To conclude the process, press the Macro button as mentioned earlier.

This Round Tofu Cheat for Android is certainly worth a try if your device is rooted.

Features of Tahu Bulat APK

  1. Tofu Rounds: Easily sell various rounds of tofu to expand your business with a simple screen tap.
  2. Profit Investment: Invest in the profits your guests generate from your company and manage it with professionalism.
  3. Cooking and Selling Devices: Utilize different devices for cooking and selling, and upgrade them for optimal performance.
  4. Recipes Enhancement: Improve and update your Tofu rounds with a variety of recipes.
  5. Customization: Enhance your business with cool accessories and the option to change your vehicles to attract potential buyers.
  6. Marketing Strategies: Efficiently promote your tofu business to attract a broad customer base.
  7. Challenging Scenarios: Engage in various challenges, including 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 contests.
  8. Leaderboard: Compete on the leaderboard to prove yourself as the best in the business.
  9. Achievements: Unlock a variety of achievements as you progress in the game.

How to download Tahu Bulat Mod APK?

There’s a more convenient way to grow your tofu business – just get the APK mod for this game, and you can expand your tofu venture. Install Tahu Bulat Mod Apk on your mobile device; this version of the game is ad-free.

Tahu Bulat has a fresh look now, with many new features added! From daily rewards to new mini-games and more.

Simply click the virtual button, choose the previously recorded touch, and then hit Play. The action will take care of itself. Keep in mind that this Tahu Bulat Game Cheat is meant just for fun. If you’re looking for a genuine gaming experience, it’s advisable to avoid cheats.

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Final words

Growing your tofu business has become more convenient – simply download the APK mod for this game, and you can expand your tofu venture. Install Tahu Bulat Mod Apk on your mobile device; this version of the game is free from advertisements.

Tahu Bulat now boasts a fresh look with numerous new features. These include daily rewards, exciting mini-games, and much more.

To play, just tap the virtual button, select the previously recorded touch, and hit Play. The game’s action unfolds effortlessly. It’s important to note that the Tahu Bulat Game Cheat is designed purely for fun. For a genuine gaming experience, it’s advisable to avoid cheats.

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