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Technical Detail – Canva Pro APK

App Name:Canva Pro APK
Download size:18 MB
Category:Apps, Art & Designing
Requirements:Android 5.0 and up
Update:2 Days ago

Canva Pro APK was launched in 2013, and it has since become one of the most popular applications for individuals and businesses seeking creative freedom to design valuable resources. Canva’s offline functionality also allows users to design logos and images.

The app’s installation and usage are straightforward and easily understandable within a brief period. Canva for Android is highly regarded for its beautiful design and has earned the trust of many users. Canva for PC also offers drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to change text and insert images. This app is particularly useful for individuals who are not experts in image design and is easy to learn.

Canva is a trusted website that provides users with the ability to create beautiful designs. It has become exceedingly popular and receives almost five-star ratings for its unique features. Millions of people use this app, and it is available for use on Android devices.

Feature Of Canva Pro APK

Canva is a versatile tool that allows users to design logos and posters easily. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward design options make it simple to create any design. The free version of Canva offers a wide range of templates that can be used to create stunning designs. Users can customize the templates by changing text, picture colors, and other elements to suit their needs. Canva also provides inspiration and guidance to help users develop their design skills.

What sets Canva apart is that it offers a wide range of templates and features for free. Unlike other apps that require users to purchase design templates, Canva provides optimized photo and video editing tools that are easy to use. The app offers a variety of options, designs, and colors to cater to individual preferences. The images and videos provided by Canva are of high quality, ensuring that users can create visually appealing designs.

Canva’s interface is simple and easy to use, making it accessible to a broad audience. Its wide range of features and free templates make it an excellent tool for anyone interested in design. Canvas stock images and graphics are also free, further enhancing its value as a design tool.

● Here you will get free 60000 templates that you can use if you desire. 

● You can change the color, and size of text, photos, and fonts. 

● Use stock images

● You can use multiple filters.

● Quickly share the photos as videos

● Save photos and videos in high quality.

How to Install the Canva Pro?

To access your Canva Pro account, log in using your premium credentials and download the Canva app. Once the app is downloaded, you can install it on your PC. If you are using Windows 7, you can still download Canva Pro without any issues.

How to Install Canva Pro?

That is a straightforward and straightforward process. To install Canva Pro, just follow the following simple steps.

● Delete the old one 

● Click on the install button 

● Complete the process 

Not only this, you can download Canvas for Windows 10. And can easily be used.

How Much is Canva Pro Cost?

The Canva Pro app is available for free, and all its features and templates are accessible without any charges or limitations. However, there is a paid yearly plan for Canva Pro, which costs $109.99. Additionally, an enterprise account is available for $27 per month.

How long is the Canva Pro free trial?

The Canva APK offers a free trial period of 15 to 30 days, but this version has limited templates, designs, and photos available for editing. Upgrading to Canva Premium provides access to an unlimited number of templates, including Canva Pro animation, as well as unlimited Canva images. With the premium version, you can also upload images to your PC and use Canvas tools to remove their backgrounds and resize them as needed.

Are Canva Pro Images Free?

Canva Pro provides users with access to a vast library of images without any additional charges. To find the images you need, log in to your Canva Premium account and use the search bar to browse various categories of images available. Simply select the best image for your project from the search results.

How to Cancel Canva Pro?

If you have purchased Canva Premium and wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so by following a simple process. Firstly, log in to your Canva Pro account and fill out the cancellation form to terminate your paid plan. Alternatively, you can visit the Canva app’s Contact Us page to get in touch with the Canva community and request the cancellation of your paid plan.

How to Remove the Background Perfectly From an Image in Canva Pro?

To remove the background of an image in Canva Pro, follow these simple steps: first, select the image you want to edit. Next, click on the “Effects” option and select “Background Remover”. Canva will then proceed to remove the image background, leaving you with a transparent background.


In summary, Canva is a versatile application that can be used by anyone, with its user-friendly and accessible features suitable for both personal and professional use. With Canva, you can create stunning posters and designs. Some advanced features are available only in Canva Premium, making it a great choice for those who need to use Canva at a professional level.

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