NetCut Pro APK v1.8.6 | Premium Unlocked (Latest 2024)

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NetCut Pro APK – Technical Details

Name: NetCut Pro
Publish time:2 Days ago
Size:12 MB
Requirements:4.1 and up
Category: App Free Tools

You can follow the full technical APK information before you continue the full NetCut Pro APK.

NB: Please reboot your phone before the update for Updating users. Or, in the current edition,
press Exit and restart. The simple way to remove it is to reboot the previous version and then
install a new version.

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Information About NetCut Pro APK

It is Android’s most common and useful cut-off Wi-Fi work control app. Net Cut Pro allows all networks that are related to a Wi-Fi work to be easily detected. This Net Cut Pro app recognizes all devices that are connected to Wi-Fi. With this App, you can disconnect your Internet connection from the connected computer just with one click.

This app design also only detects specific individuals linked to your device and disconnects them from the Internet. So, download this NetCut Pro APK now and enjoy controlling your gadgets on the network. You can easily recognize all network users with this NetCut Pro;

Even if your phone also has a valid IP address and is not allowed to be using the Internet over Wi-Fwifiu can enable and disable network users such as phones, Xbox, apps, PS3, etc., with this App.

You can also shut down the Internet of one of the two LAN network users and prevent them from communicating
with one another.

With a keystroke logger, you can turn it on and off. Often, when you feel like the network already has users and can’t see them, search and browse again. provides this NetCut Pro App with an average consumer rating of 4.2 on the Google Play Store and a high number of downloads.

Amount user access is also enjoyed only with the Android NetCut App of the Official site. Built-in Need Root, the NetCut premium app protector. It operates with version 4.0.3 of Android or the new one.

Netcut Pro APK For Android

● The device typically recognizes all kinds of users, except typical smartphones, Xbox, PS4, PS3, softphones, and others, who connect and use your link.
● With only one click, you can then choose to disable any network, and that is all. Whenever you want to get whether some of the users who don’t have allowed access and a legitimate IP can use your data or not, the App is best to use.
● We’re offering some professional VPNs. Click here for Android to download the VPN Pro APK.
● One of the App’s main qualities is that you can shut down a LAN to connect, thus restricting their contact.
● Net cut Pro APK also supplies you with a checked key logger with an activated and disablement system.
● When there could be more users than what usually seems, the Net Cut Pro gives you the option to update the scans.
● Both on Play Store, best rated at 4.2, and praised with a high list of internet downloads, the App is available.

What can you do with Android Netcut for Android?

● Even if your phone has no valid IP address but has not been given wifi for different uses, you can recognize all network users in WIFI easily. As long as you are connecting to some WIFI network, it will work.
● Set on/offline for clients of any network, like phone/Xbox, PS PS4 softphone, etc.
● By setting one of the users as a gateway and then cutting off the other users, you can cut off the network between two network users inside LAN; then those two users will not be able to speak to each other, e.g., Apple TV, Smart TV, Xiaomi box.
● If the phone connection to individual boxes is cut off, the screen will be disabled as a feature.
● Built-in Net Cut Protector. (On and off with one single click)
A popup window will allow the user to enter the user’s name with a long press on any network user.
● 8. If someone wants to play arp spoof for you, you will be aware of these things from NetCut.

What’s New About Netcut Defender APK?

Bug Fix On net cut:

● Fix empty screen bugs while running for the first time. Imploring the user to start SuperSU or security manager to assign net cut root
● Best scan time, like b Class, in a more extensive network. The FAST scan will render the scan quickly. And don’t trigger network congestion at the same time.
● I need to restart and reinstall Netcut, yet again. RE-GRANT root permissions superuser (remove and click activate when netcut requests) is also available.
● Free Quick Control Easy to CUT Easy to protect your Google Smart Phone Safe Note: NetCut allows the base to run if it can’t run anyway… If you do not run the Netcut report as root ref below for How to Root Your Android Phone.

Net Cut Arcai Pro APK Features

● if your phone has no static IP address or has not given WiFi different use, you can locate all network users in WIFI instantly.’s NetCut should function as long as you connect to any WIFI.
● Set the line on/off for every network user, like PS3, PS4, etc. phone Xbox softphone.
● By establishing one of the users as the gateway, they can cut off the network between two network users inside the LAN and then cut off the other users. Those two users cannot speak to each other, e.g., Google TV Xiaomi box for Apple TV, cutting off the phone link to those devices will disable screencast-like functionality.
● Built-in NetCut Defender. (On and off with one single click)
Press each network used for a long time; a popup window will let you enter the user’s name.
● If someone tries to play arp spoof for you, you will get it immediately from NetCut. A Detect intruder.
● The full version of NetCut Pro APK allows identifying each linked user just with one click on the Wi-Fi. users who use Wi-Fi are seen to be future users.
● The App gives you full command over the users connected to your computer or modem to manage and manipulate internet access. To control internet connectivity through the Hotspot or Wi-Fi, get complete control over the devices.

● This software allows you to control the database of all types of phones on the network. To remember its name, I have used an exact username. username can be modified. You will use this software to classify the individuals who use your note to view the number of individuals using your internet connection directly. Often, when you feel like the network already has users and can’t see them, search and browse again.

Features of Net Cut Pro App

whenever you are using the internet and you find that your network speed is slowing down, you can block all users who are using your network.

this application will provide all information like IP address name and and time of in and out.

can control all networks with LAN.

also, find the fake address of MAC.

users will be sent to black list.

attackers and attacks will be detected easily.

Changes in NetCut Pro Free APK

● Linked to Address WIFI but no internet.
● Some phones have an incorrect MAC address to correct an issue.
● Binary Error Repair Bug system.
● Fixing the correct Pro UID error.
● In these phones with spoofed MAC addresses, the patched bug can indeed be cut.


So if you want to enable your admin network through LAN then Netcut APK is for you and here you can download it for any type of device.


can we get Net Cut Pro on Android?

yes, we can download this app on our Android device.

How much cost is required for using this NetCut Pro?

Nothing, you do not need to spend any single rupee.

NetCut Pro is safe?

yes, this application is safe and secure.

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